Phonics Brochures


Step 1 – Introduce the phonics skill/word family.

Step 2 – Read a list of words with the phonics pattern.

Step 3 – Read the passage. (I use these passages in guided reading groups, so I have my students whisper read. I help them decode as needed.)

Step 4 – Read the passage a second time and underline all of the words with the phonics pattern. Students must write the words they underlined for extra phonics practice.

Step 5 – Read the passage a third time and answer the comprehension questions.

Step 6 – Students learn they can use words they know to read and write new words. They will use a spinner (paperclip and pencil) or word boxes to build and write words with the phonics pattern.

Step 7 - Students retell the beginning, middle, and end of the story with words or illustrations.

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Phonics Brochures
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These fluency and comprehension passages and activities are interactive, fun, and perfect for beginning readers. Each tri-fold focuses on a targeted phonics skill and also reinforces fluency and comprehension. While using each brochure, students get the opportunity to learn a new phonics skill and practice that skill in the context of reading for comprehension.

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